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[Basic 1,000EA] Discount for Derma Thread PDO Absorbable Thread(Mono) 요약정보 및 구매

상품 선택옵션 1 개, 추가옵션 0 개

Product Code 1463393153
Price Member’s Price
Shipping Charge Charge when order
MOQ 1,000 EA


선택된 옵션

* Bundle shipping is possible when purchasing over $3,000

Item Info.

상품 상세설명

Over 1,000 Korean Dermatology are using this product.


Please understand that the shipping can be delayed because of a lot of orders.

We will deliver the product at the earliest. Thank you.


[Shipping Inquiry] Dermamall : ;  +82)10 5006 5600














*Important Precaution To Take When Purchasing

Refunds and Returns are only available within 7 days from the day when you received it.

According to an expiration date, the product over 1 year has low tension so that the thread can be cut easily.

Please understand that we cannot resale the product. 





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 ※If the products have different suppliers,
it can be delivered separately despite ordering together.
The shipping fee isn't charged in duplicates.

The invoice number is entered automatically.
Thus, you can track the shipping state via order inquiry.


If the product doesn't have defects,
it should be an unopened condition which is possible to re-sell.
If you contact our customer service center(+82)2-549-7999),

we would like to deal with it.

For refund, if you paid by credit card,

we will cancel the payment.

In case of deposit via online,

please let me know the account number.

We would like to take back the money.


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