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  1. [Membership] What benefits do members have?​

    Products/Service Promotion & Events, The Latest Information(Articles, Association, Videos, etc.) 

    Regarding Dermatology & Plastic Surgery​ can be delivered to the members monthly.

  2. [Membership] What's the condition for membership?

    When you enter the info, clinic details on the web page, you can sign up our membership. 

    Medical Qualification, Clinic Info or Business Info is required. 

    Please send the Business License or Medical Qualification to FAX(+82)2-544-0306) , SMS(+82)10-5006-2600), or email(​ for approval.

    You can use our website benefits after approving.

    You may feel uncomfortable, but please understand for our service system.


  3. [Products] Can I purchase the products which do not exist on the website?

    In case the products do not exist on the shopping mall,

    please provide the information in terms of Product's Name / Standard / Manufacturer​ via email(​.

    We will reply the result promptly after checking out.


  4. [Products] Does there have any easy way to find the preferred product? 

    All products are classified as categories.

    If you want to find out more promptly,please enter the product's keyword whatever you want.

    Then, you can check it out more comfortably. 

  5. [Order/Payment/Tax Invoice] Is it possible to pay for installment by credit card?

    According to the card company, installment and interest-free condition may be different. 

    You can check all the details on  Main Homepage> "Interest-Free Benefits".

  6. [Order/Payment/Tax Invoice] When, How can be the tax invoice issued?

    When you make a deposit without a bankbook, Electronic Tax Invoice ​is issued to the email address that you entered upon signing up or on the business license. 

    Please refer that the tax invoice is issued up to the 10th, next month that you purchased concerning the refund, exchange cases.

    In case of purchasing by a credit card, account transfer, you can check it out on My Page> Order Sheet No.>Print Card Receipt.

  7. [Order/Payment/Tax Invoice] Can I get the product before the payment?

    Pre-payment is the regulation. 

    Once you complete the procedure [Order Complete > Payment (Credit Card, Deposit without Bankbook)],the delivery can be proceeded. 

  8. [Shipping] How about the shipping fee?

    We are under discussion.
  9. [Shipping] How about the shipping period?

    We are under discussion.​

  10. [Shipping] Is it possible to change the shipping address?

    Please contact the customer center (+82)2-549-7999 or +82)10-5006-2600, for the change. 

  11. [Shipping] Some products are not delivered. The product that I ordered is not delivered. 

    I feel sorry for delaying the shipping service.


    If you ordered different products at once, it can be delivered separately by products due to the different manufacturers/suppliers.  


    Therefore, please understand that some products may be arrived in advance or be delivered separately.


    If the shipping service is delayed, please contact the customer center(+82)2-549-7999 / +82)10-5006-2600,​.

  12. [Exchange/Return] How about the rules and procedure of exchange/return?

    *Return & Exchange


    This is under discussion.




    *If impossible the Return & Exchange


    It can be dealt with according to the Fair Trade,Standard Clauses 15.2

    1.If the goods got damaged due to the responsible reason of a customer

    2.If the goods are custom-made that the making starts after the order confirmation or it is the special product like IV poles.

    3.In case the value of goods are lost due to the damage of packing that the goods only have.

    4.If the value becomes declined remarkably as much as it is reluctant to re-sell due to keeping it bad.


    *Return & Exchange Procedure

    Dermamall(Co.) Customer Center

    You can contact us via Landline(+82)2-549-7999 / +82)10-5006-2600), SMS, Kakao Talk (ID:dermamall) , or 1:1 inquiry.

    (Consultation Time : Mon-Fri 09:00 ~ 18:00) * Weekend & Holiday is day off, so please use the 1:1 inquiry. 

    After checking the contents, the person in charge will deal with the return procedure as soon as possible.

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