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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


‘Dermamall Co., Ltd.’ (collectively, ‘Company’) takes care of the personal information of our customers and complies with the law related to the “Stimulation of Use of Information and Communication Network & Information Protection”.

The company notifies our customers how the personal information provided by them in terms of the purpose and the way of use, and which measures are taken for the protection of the personal information through our Privacy Policy.

In the event of any modification on the Privacy Policy, the company will announce it through the notice on our website (or individual notification).

* This policy shall be implemented from December 01, 2010.




Personal Information To Be Collected

The company collects the following personal information for membership, consultation, application for service, etc.

* Items: Name, Log-in ID, Password, Telephone Number, Address, Mobile Phone Number, Email, Fax Number, Service Use History, Access Log, Access IP Information, Payment Record.

* Method of Collection of Personal Information: Website (Membership, Board, Delivery Request, etc.), Event Entry, Delivery Request



Purpose of Collection & Use of Personal Information

The company makes use of the personal information collected for the following purposes.

* Implementation of contract for the provision of services and provision of contents for fees calculation in accordance with the provision of services.

Offer contents, Purchase and payment, Goods delivery or sending to destination, etc.

* Membership Management

           Personal identification, Prevention of abuse of bad users and unauthorized use, Confirmation of intent of membership subscription, Age confirmation, Complaints management, Notification.

* Use for Marketing & Advertisement

           Deliver the information of commercial advertisement such as event, etc.


Period of Possession & Use of Personal Information

As a rule, the personal information collected shall be destroyed without any delay once the purpose of its use is achieved. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following information shall be preserved for the period with the cause mentioned below.





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