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New insights into cardiac stem cells could lead to heart regeneration therapies

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New insights into cardiac stem cells could lead to heart regeneration therapies



Heart disease affects millions of people each year and has the potential to impair heart function by damaging heart muscle. Although many preventative therapies are available, once damage has occurred to the cells of the heart, there are not many treatment options available.



In a new study published in Nature Communications, University of Arizona researchers Churko and colleagues investigate the gene expression patterns that are responsible for the differentiation of heart cells. This will clarify how heart cells develop and respond to drugs or other factors.



Churko and colleagues’ findings will help other researchers working on heart stem cells and regenerative therapy. By understanding the genetic expression patterns that lead to or characterize the differentiation of stem cells into heart muscle cells, researchers will be able to guide pluripotent stem cells into becoming cardiac cells. Ultimately, this will lead to better treatment for patients with heart disease and a damaged heart.



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