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Ultrasonographer_Vacancy@ Nilai Medical Center

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  • Responsibilities:-

    • Keeping records of all examinations of patient’s particular in a log book.

    • Reporting all incidences encountered within the department pertaining to x-ray equipment/processing failures, M&E problems related to x-ray and patient’s complaints/suggestions in a log book.

    • Filing of all incoming and outgoing correspondences.

    • Performing radiological examinations as requested by Medical Officers or Medical Consultants.

    • To perform variety of technical procedures that requires independent judgement with ingenuity and initiative to apply prescribed ionizing radiation for radiological diagnosis.

    • To produce radiograph of highest quality/standard and of good diagnostic value at minimal cost.

    • Adhere strictly to rules and regulations on radiation protection to patients, staff and general public.

    • Maintain proper care of the x-ray equipment and related accessories for cost effectiveness.

    • Responsible towards the safety and proper care of patients while undergoing radiological examination.

    • Maintain the room with adequate supplies and room temperature/relative humidity be ambient-air cond @ 23 degrees.

    • To perform scans as planned from the desired or specific body region protocol.

    • To perform calibration tests on equipment 2 times daily i.e. first in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

    • To inspect daily the laser printer for smooth running function.

    • Supervision of all examinations as they are being performed by a female radiographer – for optimum image quality.

    • Perform daily warm-up of equipment.

    • To indent all consumables, i.e. x-ray contrast media, x-ray films and processing chemicals for x-ray films once their respective quantity has reached a minimum amount.

    • Keeping records of all designated personnel monthly.

    • Organize and perform ultrasonography examinations, document high quality images and practice good patient care

    • Works with radiologists in special procedures in ultrasound

    • Analyze technical information.

    • Use independent judgment in recognizing the need to extend the scope of a procedure according to diagnostic findings.

    • Alert and aware on any breakdown of ultrasound machines and inform superior.

  • Requirement:-

    • Bachelor's degree in diagnostic imaging and related field; 

    • At least 2 to 3 years’ experience.



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